Sambalpuri Handloom Buying Guide

The traditional & cultural attire of Western Odisha for women is Sambalpuri Saree. All the intricate patterns & visually appealing unique designs on this saree make it internationally popular. In India, Western Odisha provides various kinds of hand-woven saree such as Sambalpuri cotton Saree, Sambalpuri Silk Saree, Bomkai, and Pata, etc. Every Sambalpuri Saree has unique respect in all directions, like the premium softness and comfortability of Sambalpuri Cotton Saree and the extraordinary shine and glitter of Sambalpuri Silk.

Generally, Sambalpuri Sarees are of cotton or silk fabrics. As silk is born to always shine & make others more appealing which assure Sambalpuri silk Saree is the best amongst all. Have you ever attended Bahaghara (Wedding in Odisha)? where the bride always chooses to have fancy to simple silk saree because of its lustrous & attractive appearances. Likewise the premium softness and comfort as worldwide popular as casual wear. It is the code of dress in maximum institutes of Odisha and many famous institutes of India. Even many famous fashion models are representing Sambalpuri fabrics in the world. Now the craze for Sambalpuri Material is increasing aggressively.

As time flies, human’s ideas for income also change. Many fake Sambalpuri Sarees are available in markets in both online & offline. You can directly choose offline marketing but while marketing online you need to be alarmed about all these things. You should know deeply about SambalpurĀ  Saree such that you can create differentiation & find out the right one. But how to know about that? & What are the basic parameters on which you should completely rely during purchasing this Saree? Everyone must be well aware of that.

Today, here you can get some of the important points for purchasing Sambalpuri Saree. Such that without any chaos you can directly pick up the best quality Sambalpuri Saree. You can also easily avoid fake sarees which are perfect in the name of this Sambalpuri Saree.

The following are the interesting & important points indeed you should follow while purchasing online of any cost of Sambalpuri Saree.

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Be aware of following things

Sambalpuri Silk Saree should have marks of their traditional motifs. Traditional motifs such as Shankha(Shell), Phula (Flower), Chakra(Wheel), swan, elephant etc…which signify the Lord Jagannath of Puri. If not present then kindly avoid & don’t buy.

Sambalpuri Saree is made from two fabrics only i.e. Silk or cotton. Check the Fabric if it is found a mixture or anything else at a low price. Then that’s not a real Sambalpuri Saree. Be aware of it. To have pure Sambalpuri saree you should analyze & look deeply into each & every part of this saree. Silk Saree gives a shining & you can easily determine it also. You just need to be aware of that.

The fabrics are the true identity of Sambalpuri Saree. The premium comfort and softness of Sambalpuri fabrics are widely popular. So the quality of fabrics decides the price of Sarre. Many grade of fabrics are available, from low to high . The grades of fabrics are identified by the Fabrics Number i.e 40, 60 ,80, 100, and 120 . Here the Nos 120 fabrics is the superior quality fabrics than all number and Nos 40 fabrics is lowest grade fabrics. Generally you will get the premium softness feeling even in low grade i.e Nos 40 fabrics, but as it increases the Number of grade its, highness also increases in double manner.

One of the unique identity of the Sambalpuri handloom is the dye. Through the process of tie-dye, the thread is tied properly & given different colors to make more attractive and beautiful which is purely eco-friendly in nature. The dye used in the Sambalpuri Handloom is the high quality of the dye. The chances of getting faded are nil if proper wash care is maintained.

The SambalpuriĀ  Saree reflects the true form of a weaving art i.e. Bandhkala or Ikkat or Ikat. If you are missing these specific arts or design kindly avoid and go for some other saree which contains these Bandhakala art & design. No doubt Bandhakala art or design is handwoven in Sambalpuri Saree. So don’t be confused with patterns & designs while choosing a Sambalpuri Silk Saree.

Generally, Handloom Crafts are not as perfect as power loom products. As it is crafted is loom you will find minor irregularities in fabrics. Lop-sidedness in weaves, prints, minor slubs in texture, and slight variations in shading are True Sambalpuri Handloom Mark. These varieties are average attributes of any hand-created item and are not to be considered as damage or defective.

So dear buyers, Just stop being fooled by others while purchasing online. Note down all these above points & alarm yourself before going for online marketing or online purchasing for a beautiful Sambalpuri Saree. You just need to awake and be aware of all these things to make your life easier & more beautiful.

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